No colour Norfolk

For the last few months I’ve been using very little other than the Fujifilm X100T. I’m really starting to get my head around the using it. It’s great for general ‘Look, we went here. And here. And here!’ snaps, but then when you want to get a little more considered and creative, it’s great for that, too. My biggest hurdle to overcome was the fixed lens, but then I realised I could use my legs to get closer to or further from a subject – a revelation! The viewfinder is great, functions are in plentiful supply – I really like the Electronic Shutter so I can shoot wide open in really bright light – and the quality of results speak for themselves.

I used to curse the X100 regularly and the X100S occasionally, but the T has rarely been grumbled at. My only real frustration is that the quadrant of buttons on the rear don’t have any labels and I can never remember which one does what. I can feel a hack coming on.

All these images were shot in north Norfolk, where I’ve just had a few days off. Lovely part of the world – big skies



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